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In 2021, Lakeville celebrated its 175th anniversary. Exactly 175 years ago, the first settler laid down roots in what is now known as the Village of Lakeville. Lakeville is known as one of Michigan’s most prized communities with its historic homes and landmarks.

Although water is necessary for hydration, it can also be harnessed for energy to be used for sawmills and gristmills, which were typically the first industries in a pioneer settlement. Sawmills were used to cut timber into lumber to build homes and businesses, while gristmills were used to grind grain into flour. To build such a mill, the correct site needs to be found featuring one crucial element – a proximity to running water. A stream would be dammed up to create a mill pond and a mill race to carry the water to the mill, where it turned a water wheel.

Once such mill pond was created in Addison Township, in 1830 by Sherman Hopkins of New York. According to the “Oakland County Book of History”, by Arthur A. Hagman, Hopkins built a 6-foot dam to create a mill pond at the south end of what Is not Lakeville Lake. This flooded several smaller lakes to the North, creating the current large lake – resulting in a lake that is partly natural and partly man-made.

Addison Chamberlain, the township’s namesake moved to the area in 1832 and built the first house in the village of Lakeville. He proceeded to build a tavern that he eventually expanded to include a store and a post office. Chamberlain then proceed to build a gristmill south of his tavern.

As can be expected, a community grew around the gristmill, with the village of Lakeville becoming the commercial hub of the area. Stores, taverns, a foundry, churches, and schools were built to accommodate the growing population.

To this day, Lakeville continues to attract new residents. Looking to move into a more peaceful relaxed community, more space, room to roam with your horses or just enjoy country living Lakeville in Addison township is the place to call home. Many who live in the area today, enjoy the lake lifestyle. Lakeville Lake is an all-sports 460-acre lake in Oakland County, located in the northeast part of the county in Addison Township. Lakeville Lake includes panfish, bass, northern pike, and walleye.

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