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The Village of Metamora is known far and wide for its quaint downtown and a place where you can escape from the fast pace of city life to the old-town atmosphere. Metamora is located about 25 miles southeast of Flint, MI. Metamora Township is located between Oxford and Lapeer.

Metamora’s namesake was derived from a Native American term meaning “among the hills”. Offering wide open spaces with elevations from 903 feet at Lake Metamora, to 1280 feet at Mount Christie, it does sit on a higher plane. Even in times of growth, the Metamora community holds on to its historical and country traditions. Metamora is a place where you can escape from the fast pace of city life to the old town atmosphere. One of Metamora’s famous landmarks, the White Horse Inn, is a famous eatery.

The beautiful land of the Metamora countryside has drawn horse lovers to this community. Known as “horse country” among the hills, the community is home to dozens of horse stables and boarding facilities and has long celebrated its equestrian heritage.

The famous Metamora hunt has been active in the art of foxhunting in Metamora for generations. The Detroit Area Boy Scout Ranch is on E. Sutton Road and the Metamora Girl Scout Camp is on Caley Road in Metamora. Metamora Township not only has golf and waterfront residential living, but it is also known for its wide-open large parcels of land for horseback riding and agriculture.

The four corners in Metamora are a destination for both area residents and out-of-town guests.

In the village, Harmer Park is the site of a summertime “Music in the Park” series. The park also hosts a Christmas-tree lighting ceremony among other holiday events. A summertime car show on Oak Street is growing in popularity among auto buffs.

Metamora Country Days & Hot Air Balloon Festival is the community’s grand celebration. This late summer heritage event includes a parade, crafters, equestrian events, food, music, and a spectacular assembly and launch of colorful hot air balloons.

Metamora is famous for Michigan’s oldest operational restaurant The White Horse Inn. Located in downtown Metamora, The White Horse Inn was founded in 1850 and operated continuously for 162 years, closed in 2012, The Inn underwent an extensive renovation. The entire Metamora community donated time and skill to the renovation. Metamora is home to skilled craftsmen who usually work on high-end homes. Much of the materials came from the current owner’s wood lot or are recycled from a nearby farm which donated the remains of a century old barn, or from other old barns. In addition, Jean Louis Sauvat, came from France to paint charcoal images of horses on the interior wall.

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